Serving El Paso's Community Since 1981

Coronado Montessori

Below are a few Testimonials from our families:

"This is a great private school. The personnel make all the difference versus other Montessori's schools. Specifically the primary class is wonderful (children of 5-6 yrs old), the principal teaches this class and the only thing I can say is that if all children could have the opportunity to be in this class we would live in a different world, a world of respect for others, a world in which everyone will love to learn and help others, children learn their mathematics using all senses. The school facilities are very open and airy, and have lots of space that promotes children's free movement."

-Jane Cooper

"I have 2 girls that attend Escuela Montessori de Coronado. I feel like I won the lottery or something. This school has been heaven sent to us. The school facilities are great, the classrooms are spacious and bright, the parents community is truly a multicultural experience and what makes all the difference between this school and the 7 others montessori schools on the West side is definitely the teacher staff. I think the greatest gift they have given to my daughters is the love of learning. I could not ask for more!"  -Fabiola Montoya

"My son Thomas graduated from Montessori last year. He is now excelling in a very challenging middle school program thanks to the love of learning that his Montessori teachers inspired in him. We miss you all. I highly recommend this school."  -Sandra Garabano

"I love Coronado Montessori. Both of my sons learned so much there, and there was so much love and kindness in the classrooms. I would highly recommend!" -Danaria Farris McCoy

"Love this place!! All teachers are super~ My son loves his school!! -Angela Verde Dominquez